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I  call myself a 'Renaissance Woman". 

 I have varied creative interests. I am foremost, a mother..which I suppose is the most beautiful creative endeavor a human can be part of.

Timothy provides my greatest joy.

  Music was always running in my head, and the urge to draw and paint from earlier than I can remember. I climbed trees, and sang to them.

  I was told it wasn't practical to pursue these as a way of life, and it isn' it is only recently that I call myself 'artist'. 

  I am a musician. I play guitar and piano, sing and compose original music. I have four CD's to date. 'Still' written with Nancy Remkus, Trails, a solo, Grey Matters with Randolph Hudson lll, and my latest, Sunlight Chant.

 I am a painter  I grew up drawing and painting, doing murals on the windows of the local stores for the Holidays. I studied art formally, figure drawing, plein air, and still life; where i live. Still life and oil paint. I like to paint what I see.

I am a Glass Artist I owned and operated the Megna Glass Studio for 14 years with Martin Megna, designing and creating custom Chandeliers for Interior Designers, we also created glass cabinet knobs that were carried in 60 stores across the Country. I have now developed moulds to create a new line of custom mariannmegna glass cabinet knobs.

On this website I share my music, artwork;  some works in progress. 

   Some will be available for sale, or inquiry on commission.   

This site is relatively new, I am relatively not.

However I try to remain young with ideas for songs, sculptures, lights...and a paintbrush not far from my left hand.

I also remain a devoted mom to my son, Timothy .

I am and fan of Joni. She taught me how to sing, me and a thousand others.













I find great joy in creating and performing. I love glass and now re-introducing these cabinet knobs we designed and developed at Megna Glass studio back  in 2000 is a joy. They are like old friends. I hope their functional artistry finds popularity again in todays homes , I love making them. 





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